Building Bridges Reports, Resolutions, resources

Below you will find the resources needed for the 2018 Synod Assembly. You are welcome to print these if you would like to bring a hard copy to the assembly. Otherwise, feel free to use your laptop or mobile device (smart phone or tablet) during the assembly to look at the resources. There will be plenty of wi-fi available in the Lutheran Ministry Center.

Reports, Resolutions, Memorials, Bios, etc.

See below for resources needed for the assembly. Here are all the resolutions, as approved, by the 2018 synod assembly. Included are  Resolution for the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, ELCA, to Support the Arkansas Poor People's Campaign, Resolution for the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, ELCA, to Memorialize ELCA Churchwide to support the National Poor People's Campaign, Memorial on the ELCA's 50th anniversary of the ordination of women, and A Resolution of Thanks.

  • Cluster Reports

    Cluster One

    Cluster Two/Three

    Cluster Four Report

    Cluster Five Report

    Cluster Six Report

    Cluster Seven

    Cluster Eight

  • Council & Team Reports

    WELCA Report

    Synod Discipleship Team Report

    Leadership Development Team Report

    Endowment Fund Report

    Candidacy Report

  • Synod Staff Reports

    Bishop Mike's Report

    Bishop Mike's Report

    DEM/Assistant to the Bishop Report (Pastor Liz Albertson)

    Call Process Administrator Report (Pastor Carl Hoffman)

    Communications and Building Report (Laura Bunch)

  • Financial Reports

    Financial Graphs FYE 1312018 Powerpoint

    Balance Sheet FYE1312018

    The "Profit and Loss FYE1312018" and "Recommended & Proposed Budget" are linked to the Guidebook app. Go to "Schedule" and click on the link to the "Treasurer's Report" on Saturday, May 5 at 11:15. Those two documents are linked there. Sorry about the confusion. 

  • Synod, ELCA, & Partner Reports

    Letter from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton- English

    Letter from Bishop Eaton - Spanish

    2018 Synod Assemblies  Churchwide report in detail

    Bethany Report

    Lutheran Planned Giving Report

    Mission Investment Fund Report

    Oaks Indian Mission Report

    Portico Annual Report

    A-OK Via de Cristo Information

    Joint Report from LSTC and Wartburg

    Seafarers International Report

  • Rules, Resolutions, Nominations, Changes

    Agenda for the Assembly

    Nomination Ballot for elections

    Elections at the 2018 Assembly, with descriptions

    Parliamentary Motions Guide

    Nomination forms/Bios-

    • Cluster 1 - Pat Garling bio
    • Cluster 5- Lisa Milzarek bio
    • Cluster 7 - Shari Marshall bio
    • VP - Jackie Wilson bio
    • VP Holly Lantagne bio
    • VP - Vince Indelicato bio
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly - Pastor Brian Campbell bio
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly- Pennie Budzien bio,
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly- Jackie Wilson bio
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly- Pr Peter Olson bio
    • Youth & Young Adult Leader- Jona Burnett bio
    • Discipleship Ministry Team Leader- Pastor Lynne O'Shea bio
    • Leadership Team Leader- Deacon Shannon Johnson bio
    • Ecumenical Leader- Pastor Joe Summerville bio
    • Women's Representatve/WELCA- Penny Budzien bio
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly- Ava Fisher bio
    • Voting Member to Churchwide Assembly- Lance Miller bio

    Standing Rules for the 2018 assembly

    Revised Resolution: for the Arkansas Oklahoma Synod, ELCA to Support the Arkansas Poor People's Campaign 

    Revised Memorial to the Churchwide Assembly to Support the Arkansas Poor People's Campaign

    Memorial on the 50th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women

    Resolution of Thanks .

  • Workshops

    Saturday afternoon is a great time to break up into smaller groups and find one or two subjects to dig deeper into. Three of our workshops are two sessions long, one workshop repeats and two are offered during one session only.  Click here for a longer description of the workshops. Sing up for your workshop on Friday so we can plan the appropriate space for each one. Thanks!

    Workshop #1

    • Field trip to John Hope Franklin Park & Reconciliation Center- workshop #1 & 2
    • Movie- The Color of Feat - workshop #1 & 2
    • Building Bridges  with Heather Pratt
    • One Body, Many Members (repeats for session 2) with ELCA Rep Judith Roberts
    • Privilege Walk with D'Andre Jones

    Workshop #2

    • Field Trip- continued
    • Movie- continued
    • Building Bridges continued
    • One Body, Many Members (repeated) w/ ELCA Rep Judith Roberts
    • Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack w/ Pr Sally Houck & Pr Jenny Pratt