2019 Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Assembly

May 3-5 2019

Lutheran Ministry Center

4803 S Lewis Ave

Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 492-4288


Information:  Information_Regarding_the_2019_Synod_Assembly.docx

Registration:  2019_Assembly_Registration_form.docx

Agenda:  Agenda_Updated_April_25_2019.docx

Assembly Workshops:  Assembly_Workshops_Updated_April_25_2019.docx


2019 Biographical Data Form:  2019_Biographical_Data_Form.doc

2019 Resolution and Memorials Forms:  2019_Resolution_and_Memorials_Forms_and_Information.docx

Hotel Room Reservations:  Sleeping Rooms are available at the Hilton Garden Inn, 4518 E Skelly Drive, Tulsa Ok 74135 for $115 per night  including breakfast.  To book via telephone, call the hotel at (918) 878-7777 and ask for the Oklahoma Arkansas Synod group rate

To book online, use this link:  http://group.hiltongardeninn.com/ArkansasOklahomaSynod


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Fax: 918-878-7779

Also rooms are available at the Marriott Tulsa Southeran Hills : Thank you for choosing to have your Event with us!
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Event Summary:
Arkansas Oklahoma Synod
Start Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
End Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Last Day to Book: Thursday, April 18, 2019
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  • Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills for 101 USD per night
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Standing Rules for the Assembly:Standing_Rules_
Standing_Rules_2019.docxThe 32nd annual AOK Synod Assembly

ELCA Churchwide Speaker
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton:  Presiding_Bishop_Eaton_Bio.docx
Keynote Speaker Dr. Craig Nessan bio:  Dr_Craig_Nessan_Bio.docx
Outlines for Keynotes for Dr Nessan:Dr_Nessan_Outline_Reinventing_Church.docx

Roster Report:  Roster_Report_Congregations_Anniversaries.docx
Letter from the Presiding Bishop to Assemblies:  2019_Synod_Assembly_Letter.pdf
Report of the Bishop:  Report_of_the_Bishop.docx
Report from the Assistant to the Bishop for Youth and Family/DEM Pr. Liz Albertson:  Assist._to_Bp_DEM_Report_-_Assembly_2019.docx
Candidacy Committee Report:  Candidacy_Committee_Report_to_the_2019_Assembly.docx
Reports from the Clusters in the AOK Synod:AOK_Cluster_Reports_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Ministry Team Leaders Reports:  Ministry_Team_Leaders_Reports_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Reports from Committees and WELCA:  Reports_from_Committees_and_WELCA_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Bios of those Nominated for Election:  Bios_of_Nominees_for_Election_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Report of the Nomination Committee for Elections:  ELECTIONS_TO_BE_HELD_AT_2019_SYNOD_ASSEMBLY_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Financial Reports:  Financial_Reports.docx
Reports from Social Agencies and Seminaries:  Social_Ministry_Agency_Reports_Updated_April_25_2019.docx
Resolutions Submitted:  Resolution_Regarding_Immigrant_and_Refugee_Support.docx
Roberts Rules Chart of Ranking Motions:  Parliamentary_Motions_Guide_copy.pdf
Constitution of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod:  2016_Constitution_as_approved_May_2017.pdf

2019 Synod Assembly Booklet:  2019_Synod_Assembly_Booklet_updated_April_24_2019.docx
Floor Maps of the Synod Ministry Center:  1st_floor_map.docx
Restaurants near the Synod Ministry Center:  restaurants_near_me_-_Google_Maps.pdf