News: 2018 Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Assembly

Building Bridges. Racism, diversity and justice.

The 2018 AR-OK Synod Assembly will be held Friday, May 4 through Sunday, May 6, 2018 in Tulsa, OK. We held our first assembly in 2017 at the new Lutheran Ministry Center, where the synod offices are. There are numerous hotel options in the area that are a quick drive to the Lutheran Ministry Center.

Food was provided by AR-OK Synod congregations or groups (like Comunidad de Esperanza, Servant's Table/Cluster 5, AR-OK Via de Cristo, the Tulsa area sewing/quilting group.) If your congregation or church group is interested in providing a meal, it can be a very good fundraiser. Talk to Laura in the synod office for more info.

4803 S Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105


Reports from the 2017 AR-OK Synod Assembly

Here are the reports sent to the synod office for submission to the 2017 synod assembly. Please feel free to view or print them as needed.

  • Cluster and council reports

    Cluster 1

    Cluster 2 (Holy Cow Cluster) Report

    Cluster 3

    Cluster 4 Report

    Cluster 5 Report

    Cluster 6 Report

    Cluster 7 Report

    Cluster 8 Report .

    WELCA Report to assembly

    Synod Discipleship Team Report

    Leadership Developments Team Report

  • Financial Reports

    Budget Presentation for Assembly

    Financial Graphs PDF version

    Profit and Loss FYE 1.31.2017

    AR-OK Synod Statement of Financial Position FYE1312017

  • Synod Staff Reports

    Bishop Mike's report was emailed out to all members of the assembly

    DEM/Asst to Bishop Report (Pastor Liz Albertson)

    Call Process Administrator Report (Pastor Carl Hoffman) 

    Communications and  Building Report  (Laura Bunch) 

  • Synod & partner reports

    Letter from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

    Letter from Bishop Eaton- Spanish

    Candidacy Report- AR-OK Synod Candidacy Team

    2017 Synod Assemblies Churchwide report in detail

    Report from Stephen Phelps, ELCA Gifts Planner

    Bethany Report

    Mission Investment Fund Report

    Oaks Indian Mission Report

    Paul Baglyos Report to synod assemblies

    Portico Annual Report

    A-OK Via de Cristo Information- Letter from Director, Brochure, registration form   .

    Joint Report LSTC and Wartburg report

  • Rules, resolutions, changes

    Agenda for the assembly


    Parliamentary Motions Guide .

    AR-OK Synod Constitution changes for vote, click here for the  Resolution

    Nomination Ballot for elections

    Standing Rules and procedures for bishop election for the 2017 assembly

    Resolution for Prison Ministry Budget

    .Resolution to Stop Polystyrene 

    Resolution of Thanks

    Constitution Resolution and attachment


    Penny Budzien- Women's Ministries

    Discipline Committee Information .

Fishbowl (Discussion) Questions

with Bishop Erwin

Questions for Saturday afternoon at the assembly.  Click here for the questions.