Where can i find a church?

There are ELCA Lutheran congregations all over Arkansas, Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas. Our congregations range from small, country churches, to larger congregations in urban areas. They are as far west as Darrouzett, Texas, to the eastern part of Arkansas in Jonesboro. They are listed in the tabs by conference (area) with name, address, and contact information. Check out your conference to find a Lutheran church near you. If you have any questions, call the synod office at 918-492-4288 or email us and we will help. 


Click here to see a map of the synod and our congregations.

Clusters (or areas)

Currently the AR-OK Synod has 8 geographical clusters (districts.)  Here is a short explanation of the cluster areas:

Cluster 1--Western Oklahoma

Cluster 2--Northern Oklahoma City area

Cluster 3--Southern Oklahoma City area

Cluster 4--North-Central Oklahoma

Cluster 5--Tulsa area

Cluster 6--Northwest Arkansas

Cluster 7--North/Central Arkansas

Cluster 8--Central Arkansas