Living God's Abundance in the AR-OK Synod

Living God’s Abundance is a proposed capital campaign that is part of the Strategic Mission Plan adopted at the 2012 Synod Assembly.  The Campaign was approved and adopted by the Synod Council and the 2015 Assembly. To learn more about it, read the note from Bishop Mike Girlinghouse below. 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
The Church of Jesus Christ is called to proclaim Good News.
A thriving church is deeply rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ and is always
seeking new ways to adapt to the changing world around it. This was true when
Paul first took the Gospel to the Gentiles and when Luther’s translation brought the
scriptures to life for the people of his day. Today, we are, once again, called upon to tell
the old, old story of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ in new ways for a changing world.
The world around us has changed.
The church and congregational life no longer command a central place in culture and
society as they once did. Growing numbers of people no longer make the church a
part of their life. The way we communicate and share information with one another
has undergone a transformation unlike any the world has seen since the introduction of
the printing press. The communities around us are more diverse and the entire global
community lies a mouse click away.
The Good News of Jesus Christ remains the same.
Even though the world has changed, people still yearn for hope and meaning in
their lives. People still search for healing, compassion and justice in the midst of
brokenness and despair. The world around us still needs to hear the Good News of
Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and experience Christ’s way of forgiveness, life and
God provides an abundance of resources for God’s mission.
We invite you to join with your brothers and sisters in Christ across the Arkansas-
Oklahoma Synod in this exciting Gospel work. As we share what we have and
combine our resources with others’ gifts we can both care for one another in our life of
faith and reach a hurting world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for
your partnership in this journey and am confident that God will bless us richly as we
Live God’s Abundance together.

Rev Michael K Girlinghouse, Bishop

Plan of action

3 years... $3/week...$1.5 million....The Result:

Inspired Leadership   25%

  • Equip congregational leaders
  • Nurture children, youth & familiies
  • Support rostered leaders

Growing Ministries  35%

  • Encourage "new wayst to be church"
  • Plant new ministries
  • Energize mission

Vibrant Connections 25%

  • Create networks for mission
  • Enhance technology
  • Share gifts & assets

Sharing Abundance  15%

  • Support the ministries of Oaks
  • Participate in the Campaign for the ELCA

To support the Living God's Abundance campaign, you may mail a check to the AR-OK Synod office at
4803 S Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74105

or give online here.