Living god's abundance

Leadership Team

Leadership Gifts Team

Communications Team

  • Joe Liles
  • Janai Robinson
  • Laura Bunch

   Conference 1 (Western OK)

  • Trinity, Peace, Grace, St Paul's -- Ernie & Luella Miller
  • Emmanuel, First, St Thoma, Peace -- unfilled

  Conference 2 (Central OK)

  • University, Trinity, Chickasha -- Holly Lantagne
  • Ascension, St Mark, St John -- Bill Dewey
  • Redeemer, Our Lord's, Lord of Life -- Pr Dawn Enderwood
  • Resurrection, St Paul's -- Pr Mark Borseth

  Conference 3 (Northeast OK)

  • Our Savior, Immanuel, Salem -- Pr Cheryll Armstrong-Kaukis
  • Ascension, Fellowship, Joy, Eben Ezer -- Pam Dunlap & Randy Cowling
  • Firs, Prince of Peace, St Andrew -- Cindy & Ken Perkins

  Conference 4 (Northwest AR)

  • United, Christ the King, The Neighborhood -- Pr Fred Nelson
  • Faith, St Luke, Peace, Good Shepherd -- Pr Carl Hoffman
  • Christ by the Lake, Lord of the Lake, Holy Cross -- Pr Dave Mattson

  Conference 5  (Central AR)

  • Faith, Shepherd of the Hills, -- Peter Kumpe
  • Peace, Hope, Cherokee Village -- Karen Mulder
  • Prince of Peace, Christ, Emmanuel -- Phil Keller
  • Community of Joy, Our Savior -- Lance Miller

Congregational Key Leaders

Each congregation should have a key leader. Check with your pastor or council members to find out who yours is!


•    Team will be available to tell the story in 53 congregations and/or Councils
•    Equipped for presentations by Leadership Team and Kairos (materials, DVD, script)
•    Qualifications: passion for the mission of AR-OK, willingness to talk with people
•    Many of Leadership Team and Leadership Gifts Team will be Ambassadors

Key leaders

Congregational Key Leaders
•    Each congregation will be asked to have a Key Leader/contact person
•    Key leaders will have a variety of ways for congregation to hear the story and respond
•    Goal is 100% response of some kind from every congregation
•    Key Leader gathering and orientation at 2015 Synod Assembly