videos for living god's abundance

Here are some videos available to watch or share with your congregation about Living God's Abundance. Featured are four examples of the wonderful and exciting ministries of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod. Listen to stories of growing new ministries, connecting with the community, inspiring leadership and sharing our abundant gifts with others. 

  • Growing Ministries

    With Alvaro Nova Ochoa, Mission Developer, Comunidad de Esperanza, Tulsa, OK

    Through Living God's Abundance our congregations and ministries will be supported as they imagine who and what God is calling them to be. The campaign will encourage creative and innovative missions in existing congregations and plant new ministries across the AR-OK Synod.

  • Inspired Leadership

    With Pastor Meredith Harber, Eben Ezer/Oaks, Oaks, OK

    Congregations are challenged daily to adapt to our constantly changing world. Through Living God's Abundance we will provide ongoing training and support for our rostered leaders (pastors, associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, and deaconnesses) and lay leaders to effectively "equip the saints for the work of ministry" in our contemporary world.  We will also rise up youth and young adults who have gifts for ministry and leadership.

  • Vibrant Connections

    With Pastor Joe Liles, The Neighborhood Church, Bentonville, AR

    Bridging the distances between the congregations and ministries of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod is an ongoing challenge. Through Living God's Abundance our congregations and ministries will be connected to one another in new ways, support and encourage one another in ministry and use technology to communicate more effectively with members, other congregations, and the communities where they serve.

  • Sharing Abundance

    The New Testament challenges us to overcome our fears of scarcity and share our blessings with others. Our God blesses us to be a blessing. Through Living God's Abundance and in gratitude for all we have been given, we have the privilege to participate in ministries beyond our local congregations and the boundaries of the AR-OK Synod with glad and generous hearts.

This is exciting!

After watching these videos, you will have seen a few of the exciting ministries in the AR-OK Synod. Now is the time to work together as synod and see how we can change the lives of more people in Arkansas and Oklahoma! With Inspired Leaders, Vibrant Connections, Growing Ministries, and Sharing our Abundance, there is no limit to sharing God's love and grace in our states. If you are ready to help with Living God's Abundance, please give here